SPECIAL NOTICE! The LAST DAY orders accepted for "in stock" merchandise for upcoming Halloween season is Wednesday, October 18th
for delivery before Halloween day. Orders for made-to-order props (which normally take several weeks or more for production) will not be
accepted unless the suppliers or manufacturers we deal with have extra product and are readily available. Because of our order deadline,
it is very important that you contact us at to check on current product availability before placing your order.

The Haunter's Depot deals directly with manufacturers and authorized suppliers of Halloween, Christmas, Easter and other seasonal products.
Thousands of costumes, masks, static and animated props, special effect equipment, etc., have been posted and we have access to many more!

If you can't find what you are looking for during your visit to our on-line Costume Superstore please send us your "Want List" by way of e-mail
to and let us know. Chances are we can get it for you or know someone who can. Whether you are searching for
costumes, masks, static and animated props, special effect equipment or hard to find items we will try our best to "dig it up" for you!


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Check out our What's New? 2017 and Animated and Static Props 1, 2 and 3
departments for some fantastic new items for the 2016 Halloween season.

Here are a few examples of the new animated props for the 2017 season.

ASP1 department:   Candy Creeper, Grave Busters Barb and Bob, Whiz Kid,
Bowel Movement, Moving Monument, Tipping Tombstone, Puke Vomit Man,
Grim Reaper, Witchcraft, Zombie Baby, Zombie Grave Buster Tombstone
scene. Check back on a regular basis throughout the winter, spring and
summer seasons as we will be adding additional props during that time.
ASP2 department:  All-metal armatures to make your own animated props.
ASP3 department:  An excellent assortment of static and animated props.



The Haunter's Depot has teamed up with Christmas Costume Depot to make our
website even more accessible to our customers when it comes to providing just
about every costuming product for all seasons all year round!

What's Christmas without that jolly old elf himself.... Santa Claus.  There are
dozens of Santa suits to choose from of every different style imaginable and
prices to suit every budget.  There are also many styles of Santa wig and
beard sets from which to choose from.

We can also supply many other seasonal costumes such as Mrs. Santa Claus,
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, both Men's and Women's
Holiday Wear, Christmas Carol, First Christmas and other Biblical costumes.



You have seen them while driving around your neighborhood throughout the
Christmas season.  Air blown inflatable lawn decorations that captures the
fun and spirit of the Christmas season.

Some of the inflatable lawn props we have to offer include animated Reindeer
with Santa, Animated Santa Fishing, Animated Santa with Elf, Animated Santa
with Penguin, Hanging Santa, Neon Animated Santa and Animated Snowman,
Rudolph Pulling Santa, Mickey Mouse (officially licensed), Santa on a Polar
Bear, Snowman, Turkey, and others.  Halloween inflatables also available!

Click here or on the animated GIF (at left) to visit our Air Blown Inflatable
Lawn Decor section within our Christmas department!  HO, HO, HO!!!



The Haunter's Depot is an official distributor for several major costume
suppliers and manufacturers including legends in the costuming industry.

Be sure to check out our NEW costume department by clicking on either the
Morris Costumes or Rubies Costumes links in our Sitemap, or you may click
on the image on the left to be taken to this department.  Over 1,000 costumes
have been added for the 2016 season alone.  For your convenience, costumes
available from both suppliers have been combined into the same department.

We have access to well over 10,000 costumes, masks, static props, and
animated props, etc., through the major suppliers and manufacturers we
deal with directly.  If during the exploration of our website you cannot
find what you are looking for, send your "Want List" by way of e-mail
to and we will try and "dig it up" for you.


1st and 4th quality Bucky skulls and skeletons, arms, legs, hands, bones,
hanging props, and assorted miscellaneous "things" in this department.

When it comes to skulls and skeletons there's no bones about it. We have
one of the best selection of "boney parts" to be found anywhere.


Fog Machines and Ground Fog Chiller systems, Strobe Lights, Blacklights,
Bubble Machines, Controllers, Club and DJ Lighting, Decorative Lighting,
Flame Lights, Glow Paints, Helicopters and Scanners, Intelligent Lighting,
Par Cans, Laser Effects, Party Lighting Kits, Pin Spots, Snow Machines,
and other Special Effect equipment for your professional or home haunt.


  DJ Lighting      Light Controllers      Air Cannons



Who will YOU be this coming Halloween season? The possibilities are endless.

Select from a huge assortment of half masks and full "over-the-head" masks
located throughout our website including Horror masks, Super Heroes and
Villains, Political masks, Animal masks, Science Fiction Aliens, Mascots,
Famous Celebrities and many more.

Be the Super Hero you've always wanted to be. Or, be the nasty Super Villain.
Either way, we can supply you with many of the more popular costumed super
heroes and villains you've seen in the movies, on television, or in comic books
including Spider-Man, Batman, Batgirl, Robin, the Joker, Catwoman, the Hulk,
Superman, Super Girl, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Zoro,
The Flash and many others.

Click here or on the Super Heroes and Villains link in the Sitemap at left
for pricing and further information.


Glow necklaces, light sticks, and glow party bracelets are very popular for
Halloween, Christmas, the Fourth of July and even for wedding celebrations.
They are also great for parties and other social get-togethers.

These novelty products are also excellent items to resell either for profit or
as a fundraiser for your club or organization.

Glow Necklaces are the perfect accessory for New Years parties.
Stock up today and make your party something to remember.

You asked for them and now we can provide them to you.  Both types are in
very limited supply so be sure to order yours today before they're all gone.

We offer two types of cobweb shooters.  The old-fashioned cobweb shooter
device that attaches to your corded high speed drill and uses non-flammable
fluid, and the newer type of cobweb shooter that uses web sticks and an air
compressor to spray on realistic cobwebs.

The cobweb gun's tip funnels web material into a compressed air stream that
results in the application of webbing material.  You may apply cobwebs either
on or to within inches of your scenery.  You have control over the direction,
amount and density of your cobwebs.

Costumes in our various departments (see Sitemap) can easily be found in
this section.  hundreds of costumes have been posted in this department.
Assorted Men's and Women's costumes, Christmas and Religious / Biblical
costumes, Easter costumes (including a huge selection of Easter Bunnies),
costumes from both the Disguise and Franco-American collections, Kings,
Queens, Mardi Gras, Pirates, Jesters, Super Heroes and Villains, Famous
Monsters, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Mascots, Creatures of the Night,
Santa and Mrs. Claus, Creature Reachers, Novelty and Funny Characters,
Night Terrors, oversize Stalkaround costumes, Sexy Costumes, Star Wars,
Star Trek, Angel costumes, miscellaneous costumes and MUCH more.

Sasquatch costumes (aka, Big Foot) available for a Limited time only.


With these foam latex appliances you can completely "disappear" behind
your chosen character and no one will ever know it's you.  This depart-
ment also includes individual facial appliances such as bloody scars
and gashes, vampire bites, and the always popular Ninja Star, Bloody
Screw and Bolt, Terminal Twist, Glass Attack, Slashed Wrist, and
Werewolf makeup kit.

Also available in this department is Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover
to attach and remove these prosthetic appliances, and the very popular
Gelefects kit used to create your own hideous scars and wounds, etc.
Click on our Foam Latex Facial Prosthetics department for further
information on these very effective products.


Here's something different to liven up your next Halloween party, home haunt,
or professional haunted attraction.  They're special effect videos with "attitude"
and true decorations to enhance your environment.  More accurately they will
enfuse your environment.  Most people decorate with lights, sculptures, posters
and other props.  Be original and decorate with these new special effect videos.

Several different titles are available including Possessed Paintings (kind of
like changing portraits but in video format), Tombstones (humerous epitaphs
which are interrupted by dead occupants), Virtual Jack-O-Lantern (the first
DVD to bring 3D animated pumpkins to life on your screen), and the Dead Sea
Aquarium (watch dead skeleton fish swim in the gloomy depths of the ocean).

Be sure to check out these "twisted" special effect videos in our Haunt Videos
and Instructional Kits
department or click on the image at left.


The Halloween season is just not the same without a few good monsters
hanging around your haunted house, haunted hayride, or even at your
party.  And we have an excellent assortment from which to choose from.

Check out such "lovable" creatures as Peter Rottentail, Jack in the Box,
the Crypt Coat Lab Monster, Crypt Coat Nosferatu, the Meat Man, Werewolf,
Grand Reaper, Giggles, Bad Seed, Freak-N-Monster, Gruesome Bat, Midnight
Howl, and Bobblehead Monsters.  These and many other Monster costumes
are available while supplies last.

Click on our Assorted Costumes department or on the image at left to be
transported to our Monster Costumes section.


Want to feature something truly different at your haunted attraction or
home haunt this year?  Check out these "classic" magical illusions that
you can have built and specially themed for your event or in a specific
room of your attraction.  We offer detailed plans for you to personally
construct these illusions or you may contract out through a professional
bulder to construct and theme the illusions to suit your own needs.  In
addition to the plans offered on our website, several original magical
illusions of our own design will be made available in the future.

Click on the image of the Haunted Illusions manual at left for info.


Custom pneumatic mechanisms ready to run right out of the box.  The
armatures provide a means to easily animate most store bought props
without any of the hassle of design and fabrication.  They're the hidden
elements in bringing your once static props to life.  Just add your own
air compressor to animate them.

Also available are haunt controllers, hand held triggers, and custom
add-ons for controlling lights, fog machines, etc., or just about any
combination of automation effects to ensure you receive a complete
setup that perfectly suits your vision. &bnsp;All armatures are made
from welded steel fittings, high tensile tubing, and cylinders.  They
ship ready to run with full instructions.

If you've been looking to getting into haunting with pneumatics, there
is now a very simple way of doing it with these devices.


These larger than life giant puppets can move around with the freedom
of a typical walkaround suit or costume, but possess a realism in their
movement and detail.

Towering at heights of up to 8-feet tall and with an arm span of 8-feet
across, these creature costumes are capable of moving their heads in all
directions and glaring at frightened onlookers while their giant arms grasp
and also threaten with evil intent.

The puppeteer (concealed within the body) guides the arms using the
creature's elbows, and also actuates the creature's head with a helmet
linked by a heavy duty ball-bearing mechanism.  Simple and natural to
operate by the actor hidden underneath the costume.

Stalkaround characters are in very Limited supply.  Get yours today!

Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail.  The Easter season
will soon be here and we have a good selection of seasonal costumes available.

Several dozen different styles of rabbit costumes (many are "made to order")
can be found in our Easter Bunny costumes department for adults and children.
Biblical and other miscellaneous animal costumes can be found in our Easter
Costumes department.  Be sure to check out our Mascot Costumes department
for additional adult size seasonal and specialty costumes.

All costumes, masks, props, etc., are subject to availability and some are
"made to order" and take a minimum of 1-month for production and delivery.
Please contact us at to check on product availability
before placing your order.


Please use our internal Search Engine to search for specific
products or send your Want List to:
search engine by freefind advanced


        Not all products advertised are in stock all the time!  It is therefore very important that
        you contact us at to check on availability before placing order.

        All orders are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Sale.  See "Ordering Instructions" for information.

We can supply you with quality Halloween and Haunted House Props, Supplies, Decorations, Static and Animated Props, Latex Masks, Monster Hands and Feet, Scary Halloween Horror Masks, Professional Horror Costumes, Special Effect Equipment, Fog Machines, Low Lying Foggers, Snow Machines, Strobe Lights, Blacklights, Mirror Balls, Movie Monster Displays, Glow Necklaces and Bracelets, Light Sticks, Stalkaround and Lurker Costumes, Life-Size Corpses, Makeup Supplies, Possessed Paintings (DVDs), and much more for any Haunted House, Home Haunt, Professional Haunt, or Halloween party. So sit back, relax, and take a look around.  Our website features well over 5,000 different items to choose from, and we are certain that you will find something you will like. We can also supply you with Christmas and Easter Costumes and other seasonal products throughout the rest of the year. If you can't find what you're looking for, please let us know by contacting us by way of e-mail at and we will try and "dig it up" for you.

Terms and Conditions of Sale:  All orders placed through this website are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Sale. Please be certain to read this very important information in the Ordering Instructions section before placing an order.  If you have any questions or concerns contact us prior to placing your order.  By placing an order through our service the customer automatically agrees to and accepts all Terms and Conditions of Sale. These stipulations also apply to all custom products that are "made to order".  Please be aware that due to the nature of the merchandise being sold all sales are considered final.

Copyright Notice:  Outbound text and/or banner links that link or mentionthis website are not permitted without prior written permission from The Haunter's Depot.  Unauthorized links that are not pre-approved will constitute Copyright infringement in and of themselves.  Non-approved text, banner or other links to our website from another source will not be tolerated as they constitute Copyright violation, theft of outgoing bandwidth, etc., are subject to legal action against the offending party and/or their hosting service, etc.

Use of this website signifies your agreement to our Terms of Use and Online Privacy Policy.
All merchandise is purchased through officially authorized suppliers and manufacturers.

For your convenience you may pay for your order by using any of the below
credit cards either through PayPal or using our PayPal shopping cart system.

Copyright 2017 - The Haunter's Depot - All Rights Reserved.

Content displayed on The Haunter's Depot website is Copyrighted.
No part of this website including The Haunter's Depot name, logos,
and/or any variation of our business or website name or logos may
be reproduced in any way, shape or form without first obtaining
the expressed written permission from the owner.

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