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Welcome to the official website for National Roller Coaster Day!  We created this site as a way to bring attention to this annual national event and to offer suggestions on how individuals can help plan localized informal get-togethers at the many amusement parks around the country to celebrate and ride the "king" of thrill rides, the roller coaster.


In 1878, Richard Knudsen and J.G. Taylor received a U.S. patent for what would eventually be referred to as a wooden roller coaster.  The device consisted of two adjacent railway tracks that ran between two towers carrying four-passenger cars; the force of gravity would pull the cars down gently sloping hills.  The cars would then be hauled up by the elevator in the opposite tower for the return trip.  Interestingly enough, it is believed that neither Knudsen nor Taylor constructed their designed rides; however, they did at least patent the device on that date which is the chosen annual day of celebration.

Several years later, an enterprising gentleman by the name of LaMarcus A. Thompson built a similar device called the "Switchback Railway" at Coney Island, New York in 1884.  Thompson is best known for his early work developing roller coasters, and is sometimes called the father of gravity rides.  Over his lifetime, Thompson accumulated nearly thirty patents related to roller coaster technologies.  When it opened to the public, the ride cost only 5-cents to experience and had a top speed of just over 5 miles-per-hour.  The roller coaster was born!

In June of 1978, a trio of roller coaster aficionados (Richard Munch, Paul Greenwald and Roy Brashears) founded the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) at Coaster Con 1 at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  ACE is a national organization that includes thousands of members from all around the world devoted to the preservation and enjoyment of steel and wooden roller coaster.  Other regional coaster related organizations such as the Western New York Coaster Club (WNYCC), the Mid-Atlantic Coaster Club (MACC) and others were formed in the years that followed.


In 1986, a national newspaper proclaimed August 16th as National Roller Coaster Day in conjunction with the year when the first roller coaster was patented in the United States.  Although this annual event had not been regularly celebrated until the past several years, we are promoting it through this website so that it becomes a regular occurrence every year on the date when the first patent originally took place.


It is very important for everyone to realize that this event is not officially sponsored by any amusement park or roller coaster enthusiast's organization. And the event is not exclusively owned and/or sponsored by any theme park or amusement park; however, some of them might stage an event on National Roller Coaster Day (August 16th).  It is simply an annual day of tradition for roller coaster and amusement park enthusiasts to share a common love and enjoyment of roller coasters found at amusement parks around the country.

We ask that all individuals referencing this website spread the word to enthusiasts around the country by whatever means including sharing this information by word of mouth, to friends in your Facebook social network, etc., and help plan informal get-togethers at local parks in your respective areas.


In order to join our Facebook group page, you must first have a Facebook account.  First, log in to your Facebook account then type NATIONAL ROLLER COASTER DAY into your Facebook browser (not your Internet browser).  Another option to find the NRCD group page on Facebook would be to copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Anyone interested in planning and/or heading up trips to your local amusement park may use our Facebook page for National Roller Coaster Day 2017 and coordinate efforts with others in your area.  Even if you do not get involved with a group of people coordinated by a volunteer of your own choosing, we hope that you will still be able to get out to your local or regional amusement parks and have a good time.  After all, that's what National Roller Coaster Day is all about.... to have FUN on this special day!

As stated earlier, National Roller Coaster Day is not an official event sponsored by any of the amusement park or roller coaster enthusiast organizations.  Therefore, if you plan a visit to your local park, please be aware that if you contact park management of a specific park to notify them of this special day please do NOT ask for or expect any special privileges such as free or discounted admission, exclusive ride time (ERT) on any of their roller coasters, and so on.  It will be their decision whether to make any kind of offer, if any is given at all.  Should a park go out of their way to make an offer of any kind to your local group of enthusiasts, then it will be up to them to work out the details.  Nevertheless, please do not ask or expect any perks.  In addition, if either you or a park (on your behalf) contact any local media about the event, please make certain that they realize that this is an informal event that is NOT sponsored by any of the amusement park or roller coaster clubs.  The day is specifically planned as a way for roller coaster enthusiasts to patronize their local parks individually or as a group and have a good time.  Should a park ask local media to cover the event, please cooperate with them in a professional manner.

National Roller Coaster Day has a potential of turning into a big national promotion across the country.  But a single individual or small group of people cannot coordinate a national day of celebration such as this on our own.  That is why it is entirely up to individuals to spread the word and, of course, to go out and visit your local amusement park on Wednesday, August 16th.


We will once again offer National Roller Coaster Day T-shirts for sale beginning in early spring 2017.  Further information will be shared about the commemorative T-shirts once we have finalized all the details with our shirt printer.


Please be aware that we have set up this website to lay down the "ground rules" (so to speak) on what this special day entails.  Those who join our Facebook group should feel free to post any ideas and suggestions in that forum about National Roller Coaster Day, post information on coordinating your own local get-togethers on Wednesday, August 16th and any other pertinent information that specifically concerns the event.  If you choose to use our Facebook page, please do not post anything that is not pertaining to the event or anything inappropriate (e.g., links to park or coaster related websites, posting pictures or videos, etc., that have nothing to do with National Roller Coaster Day, etc.)  All postings must first be approved by one of the website's moderators to ensure that all posts are "on topic".

Thanks for checking us out, and we sincerely hope you will be able to get out and patronize your local amusement park on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 for National Roller Coaster Day!



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