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MINIMUM ORDER: There is a minimum order of $25.00 plus shipping for merchandise found in the Electronics and Special Effects department. Please keep this in mind if you are ordering anything from this page.

SHIPPING COSTS: Shipping and handling charges are based on the item(s) you purchase, the weight of the package, and where the order is being shipped to. Therefore, please be aware that shipping and handling charges are not included in the prices shown below. Once we have confirmed merchandise availability with the manufacturer, we will e-mail you back with a price quote on shipping, after which you may pay by way of PayPal.

Strobe Lights create instantaneous flashes of light, at various speeds. Use them for slow-motion effects, sparkling star effects, lightning, and disorientation. They are available in various sizes and shapes. All create white light unless optional color filters are used.


The ST-3000 LED Techno Strobes are quickly becoming one of the "most-sold" strobe lights available.  The manufacturer of this product has been selling these fixtures solely by word of mouth for quite some time and are now making them available through our web site.  These strobe lights are becoming very popular in the theatrical world because of their versatility.

Control Features:

3-channel DMX-512
Blackout / static / dimmer / strobe
Adjustable flash rate, dimmer and static in non-DMX stand-alone mode via dipswitches.
Built-in automated programs via master/slave or DMX.
Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX.

Additional Features:

Linkable with other LED Techno Strobes or LED Shadow Blacklights in stand-alone mode.
Each LED Techno Strobe fixture has an additional power output which allows daisy-chaining the power from one LED Techno Strobe to the next up to a maximum of 50 fixtures.
Includes brackets for wall and truss mounting.

Beam Angle: 21 x 24
Field Angle: 40 x 43
Lux: 1,321 @ 1 meter
Light Source: 192 (white) LEDs 100,000 hours
Color Temperature: 6,500 - 8,000 K
Power: 120V, 60 Hz: 0.1A operating, 0.2A inrush
AC power: Autoswitching 100V - 240V 50/60 Hz
Weight: 4.9 lbs.
Size: 14" x 9.75" x 6.5"

ORIGINAL PRICE: $179.95 plus shipping
SALE PRICE: $159.95 plus shipping


This 750 watt strobe has DMX-512 on-board with 2-channel operation and features heavy-duty construction, adjustable mounting bracket and a long-life bulb.   Speed is adjustable from 1-20 flashes per second.  Dimmable from 0-100 percent.   Can also be used as a blinder.  Ideal for large venues and concert applications.

Additional Features

Includes gel frame and FREE 4 colored gels (RGBY).
Built-in sound activated programs.
Built-in resettable circuit breaker (no fuses).
Manual control of strobe rate and dimmer.

Voltage: 120V
Lamp: (1) STV-750B, included
Dimensions: 15.2" x 9.3" x 11.3"
Weight: 10.6 lbs.

ORIGINAL PRICE: $184.95 plus shipping
SALE PRICE: $169.95 plus shipping


The ST-2000S Techno Strobe in an unbelievable strobe fixture for a minimum outlay in cost and utilizes 75 watts of light-giving power, adjustable from 1 to 20 flashes per second.   It can be run in a sound-active mode or in manual mode.  The Techno Strobes can also be linked together using a standard mono-cable.  If you need multiple units to chase, affordable controllers are available that you can hook up to that will deliver a variety of chasing effects.  Due to the great performance of this fixture and the economical price point, it has quickly become a top selling strobe.


Voltage: 110 Volt
Lamp: (1) CH-1000B, included
Dimensions: 10-1/2" x8-1/2" x 8-1/2"
Weight: 7.85 lbs.

ORIGINAL PRICE: $89.95 plus shipping
SALE PRICE: $64.95 plus shipping


Ideal DJ 50-watt strobe with flash speed control, power cord and on/off switch. Daisy chain multiple units with Extension Links (STV-701X). Remote controllers (STV-701C and STV-702C) are optional.

Voltage: 110 Volt
Lamp: (1) ST-701B, Included
Dimensions: 8-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 6-3/4"
Weight: 6 lbs.

PRICE: $79.95 plus shipping


This is the replacement bulb for the STV-701 Pro Strobe.

PRICE: $27.95 plus shipping


The STV-701C is a wired remote speed and on/off control for use with the above STV-701 strobe. Plugs directly into back of strobe. Includes 25 foot remote cord.

PRICE: $21.95 plus shipping


The STV-702C is a 2-piece 4-channel controller featuring chase to music and synchronized flash capabilities for use with multiple strobe units (STV-701). One Extension Link (STV-701X) is required for each strobe that will be connected to this controller.

PRICE: $114.95 plus shipping


These 33 foot cables enable you to daisy chain multiple STV-701 strobes and the synchronized flash rate will be determined by the speed control on the first strobe in the chain, or by an optional STV-701C Remote attached to the first strobe. Extension Links can also be used to connect strobes to an STV-702C Controller for a chasing/sequencing effect.

PRICE: $14.95 plus shipping


For smaller areas. Speed is adjustable from 1-12 flashes per second. Four (4) color filters are included with the strobe.

Voltage: 110 Volt
Lamp: (1) ST-05L
Dimensions: 5-3/4" square
Weight: 2 lbs.

PRICE: $32.95 plus shipping


Replacement Bulb for the ST05 Xenon Strobe.

PRICE: $14.95 plus shipping


This compact and economical strobe features an adjustable mounting bracket, 20 watt output power and variable speed control. Long life Xenon tube delivers over 100 million flashes. Comes with 6 foot AC cord. UL listed.

Voltage: 120V
Lamp: Not Replaceable
Dimensions: 3-1/4" x 2" x 5"
Weight: 3/4 lb.

PRICE: $21.95 plus shipping

Please contact us at
for availability and a shipping
quote before placing order!


Please read our "TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE" section located in the left column of our Home Page for basic ordering information.


MINIMUM ORDER for Electronics and Special Effects merchandise: $25.00.  Does not include shipping.

DELIVERY:  Please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for delivery (pending availability) beginning after your order has been received.  Orders received during the months of August, September and October should allow a minimum of 2-weeks (pending availability) for delivery due to the very busy Halloween season.  Sorry, rush orders received during these months will not be accepted.  Orders will be filled depending upon availability of the merchandise through our supplier(s).  Therefore, it is very important that you contact The Haunter's Depot regarding availability before placing your order.

SHIPPING & HANDLING:  Before sending your payment, please contact The Haunter's Depot at our primary e-mail address at to get a price quote for shipping and handling costs, as well as item availability.  Shipping and handling charges will need to be added to your merchandise sub total before sending payment.  Prices and item availability are subject to change without notice.

INSURANCE:  The carrier automatically pays for the first $100.00 of all orders at no charge.  Should you wish additional insurance to cover the balance of your order, please inquire with The Haunter's Depot for a price quote when you inquire about shipping and handling charges.

BACK ORDERS:  The manufacturer does not automatically ship back ordered items.  We will notify you when items are available, at which point you may reorder.

RETURN POLICY:  Due to the nature of the merchandise sold, all sales are considered final.  However, the manufacturer stands behind their products and will accept returns for manufacturing defects only, and on an even-exchange basis only.  Products come with a limited warranty for manufacturing defects.

SHIPPING DAMAGE:  If packages or contents arrive damaged, save all packing material and contact us at no later than three (3) days of receipt for claim processing with the carrier that handled the original delivery.

RETURN PROCEDURE:  It is the responsibility of the "end user" to return allegedly defective merchandise directly to the manufacturer for replacement or repair.  A written detailed description as to what took place when the equipment was operated must be included (e.g., symptoms of equipment defect, duration equipment was used, cause of any and all damage, if unit is a fog machine the type/make/manufacturer of the fog fluid used will need to be provided, etc.).  The original box the equipment was packed in plus any packaging materials, parts, paperwork (including Warranty card information), etc., must also accompany each unit.  Once the equipment has been received, it will be the sole responsibility of the manufacturer to make the determination as to the cause of any alleged defect, equipment misuse, damage, etc., and whether they will replace or repair the unit(s) under warranty.  Shipment of equipment is the responsibility of the "end user".  Return delivery of the equipment will be the responsibility of the manufacturer.

DEFECTIVE GUIDELINES:  All returns must be pre-approved.  No credit will be given on products used for display or commercial use.  Items that have been misused, have dead batteries or burned out bulbs will not be considered defective.  Products that have been altered, taken apart or have missing parts will not be credited.  No cash refunds or credit card chargebacks will be issued.  Unauthorized returns will not be accepted and automatically returned to the sender at their expense.  No allowances for breakages or loss in transit unless equipment has been properly insured prior to shipment.  It is the responsibility of the customer to return defective items to the manufacturer and not to The Haunter's Depot.  The manufacturer's shipping address, phone number, etc., will be provided should the need arise for any repairs and/or exchanges.  By placing an order through The Haunter's Depot the customer automatically agrees to all Terms and Conditions of Sale both in this department and those stipulated in our main Terms and Conditions of Sale department.

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