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These floating phantoms will make their jaws drop! Hovering in a window, doorway, or other opening, these legless horrors are able to suddenly fly out into midair, grasping with their inhumanly skinny arms while whipping their heads back and forth, searching for fresh blood!!! Let us bring your haunted house or Halloween event back from the dead with one of our incredible vampire puppets! We have the Halloween costumes, decorations, and Haunted House props to make you a Halloween hit!

How They Work: Suspended two feet in front of a performer dressed in black by a lightweight body harness, their arms are activated via rods that extend back from the elbows. The head movement is operated by a hand-activated cable lever.

Limited Supply!

PRICE: $695.00 plus shipping

Out of Stock!

PRICE: $695.00 plus shipping

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