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Please be aware that it is the customer's responsibility to read our Terms and Conditions of Sale before an actual order is placed.  Merchandise is subject to availability and may not be available all the time.  Please contact The Haunter's Depot before placing an order to check on item availability or production time on made-to-order products.  Send all inquires to our business e-mail address at:

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NOT ALL MERCHANDISE IS AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES!  It is highly suggested that customers send a merchandise availability inquiry to before placing an order to make sure that the merchandise wanted is currently available or, in the case of "made to order" products, to inquire about estimate production, shipping times and shipping costs.

SHIPPING TO AN ALTERNATE ADDRESS:   For the protection of our customer's order as well as for our own protection to prevent mail order fraud or unauthorized use of a customer's credit card and/or PayPal account, we are required to abide by PayPal's "Seller Protection Policy".  Therefore, we will send orders only to the shipping address that is associated with the customer's credit card at the time when the order is placed.  And since the carriers we use do not ship to post office boxes, the customer's shipping address must match the address that is associated with the credit card, debit card, or PayPal account being used to pay for the order.   Under no circumstances will we have merchandise shipped to an alternate address.  It is the customer's responsibility to contact their banking or credit card institution to change or update personal information.  If you have moved to a new address that is different than what is associated with your credit card, this information must be changed before placing your order.  Sorry, but we will not make any exceptions to this policy!

PRIVACY INFORMATION:   With the exception of the suppliers and manufacturers we deal with directly who are responsible for the actual shipment of the customer's order, we will not share, give out or otherwise sell the customer's personal information to other parties.


Sorry, we do not accept orders from customers who do not physically reside in the USA.  This also includes customers with an APO/FPO AE overseas address as the carriers we use do not ship to those addresses.  The USPS does ship to these addresses; however, since there is no guarantee of delivery if the package is lost, damaged, stolen, etc., we will not use their service to ship orders to APO/FPO AE addresses.  In regard to other international shipments, since the cost of shipping merchandise outside the United States is incredibly high, there is additional time involved with the actual shipping of the merchandise which can take several weeks or longer versus only a few days here in the USA before a package can be delivered, there are additional delays for packages being held in customs before delivery can be made, there may also be additional "duty" charges (which sometimes the customers refuse to pay), as well as other problems that have been encountered in the past when shipping packages outside the USA.


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You do not need to have a PayPal account to place an order.  You may place your order through our PayPal shopping cart system or we can send you an invoice by way of e-mail through our PayPal merchant account.  However, if you would like to set up a free account, please go to and provide your information.  VISA, MasterCard, or American Express are accepted through our PayPal shopping cart system only or through the PayPal web site. Sorry, we do not accept major credit cards through the mail or by phone at this time.

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Please be certain to check on product availability before sending payment as we will need to issue you a refund if the merchandise you want to order is not currently in stock.  Order may not be canceled with payment refunded back to customer if order has been completely processed.  This especially applies on "made to order" products.  Please send a merchandise availability inquiry to before placing your order.

PAYMENTS OVER $2,000.00: If you are paying by way of credit card through our PayPal shopping cart system and your order amounts to $2,000.00 or more, you will need to sign up for a free PayPal account and link your credit card and banking information to your new account.  If you already have a PayPal account and you are having problems sending payment through our shopping cart system, your spending limit with PayPal may need to be changed.  Please visit the PayPal web site at and sign into your account.  After signing in, click on Account Overview and then on View Limits.  You may then adjust your spending limits accordingly.  If you have any questions, please do not contact The Haunter's Depot as we cannot answer any questions pertaining to your credit card or PayPal account.  Please contact PayPal customer service directly at 1-866-837-1851. There is another possibility why your payment of $2,000.00 or more may not be accepted, and that is you may have spending limits as established by your credit card itself.  If this is the case, you will need to contact your bank or credit card provider and make arrangements to raise your daily spending limits.

If you do not wish to sign up for a free PayPal account and link your credit card information to that account, you have a second option which is to send us a Certified Check or Money Order for the appropriate amount of your order including shipping and handling charges.  Please contact us at for further information.  Since all merchandise is subject to availability, be sure to confirm this information before sending payment.  All certified checks or money orders must first clear our banking institution before an order can be accepted.


Please be sure to read the HOW TO ORDER and TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE sections within the departments where the merchandise is located to be made aware of delivery times and other important information which may vary depending on the manufacturer.  During the most hectic times of the Halloween and Christmas seasons (usually beginning 2-3 months before the start of the respective seasons) some of the suppliers and manufacturers we deal with can take as little time as two 2-weeks to ship your order (after payment has been received and processed) while others may take as much as 1-2 months to fill your order if you are ordering a "made to order" product.  Sorry, but "rush" delivery is often not available during peak seasons.  It is to the customer's advantage to place their order as soon as possible, especially for custom "made to order" static or animated props which can take a minimum of between several weeks and 1+ months to produce (possibly longer) depending upon the manufacturer's current "production schedule".

Orders are normally processed within 24-48 hours and will include confirmation of the order with the customer by way of e-mail before the order can be accepted.  Normal delivery times can then range between 1-2 weeks (possibly more) for "in stock" merchandise effective beginning from the time when the order has been received and confirmed with the customer.  Delivery time may also vary depending on item availability, whether the merchandise must be "made to order" and the time of season.  If placing an order within 2-months before the Halloween or Christmas seasons, delivery times could be increased by 1 or 2 weeks (possibly longer) depending upon merchandise availability.  As stated before (and we cannot stress this enough), it is advised that you send in your order as soon as possible so as to avoid the seasonal "rush".


We do not guarantee delivery of merchandise by a specific date.  We also do not guarantee availability of any product posted on our web site as all items are subject to availability by the suppliers and manufacturers we deal with.  All orders are sent out by way of "standard ground delivery" which can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to be received.  Delivery time will be determined by the distance involved between the shipping location and the recipient's physical address.  A tracking number or delivery confirmation number will be associated with all shipments and, in many cases, the customer may be required to sign for the delivery.  The suppliers and manufacturers we deal with will notify us of an approximate (but not guaranteed) shipment date and we will convey this information to the customer.  If a customer wishes to get faster delivery for merchandise that we have determined as being "in stock" they must notify us of their needs at (or before) the time when the order is placed so that additional shipping charges may be calculated.  It is the responsibility of the customer to notify us in advance of any special ordering and/or delivery requests.

Some orders may ship via UPS ground or FedEx ground while others may ship by way of the U.S. Postal Service.  Express delivery is available upon request; however, some manufacturers may not be able to actually "rush" putting together your actual order before they actually ship out your order during peak Halloween and Christmas seasons, especailly since many items must be "made to order" and take a specific amount of time to produce and then ship out.  All "made to order" products are constructed on a first-come, first-served basis, and the manufacturer may not be able to start working on your order for several weeks or longer before sending to customer due to having to fill orders for others in their productuction schedule.

Most animated props and all oversized items are shipped to customers via Truck Freight and this may also extend delivery times.  It is the sole responsibility of the customer to make arrangements to accept delivery of freight deliveries.  In that the delivery driver might not have authorization to remove or help remove shipments from the delivery truck, it is the customer's responsibility to provide a sufficient number of individuals to assist in the removal of the parcel from the truck.  Should the customer require additional assistance to remove the item(s) from the truck, a lift gate will be provided for an additional charge and must be ordered prior to delivery.  It is not the responsibility of our service, the manufacturer or the carrier to unload the delivery truck with the customer's property.

SPECIAL NOTICE:  As stated above, all orders are shipped out with a tracking number or delivery confirmation number associated with the package(s) so we may be able to verify that a customer's order arrives at its destination.  A signature may also be required as further proof of delivery.  A verified telephone number may also be requested should the carrier need to contact you regarding your order.  These security measures have been established not only for our protection but also for the customer's protection of their merchandise.  So if your order was, in fact, delivered or attempts were made to deliver a package, we will have a record of this information.


While most of the products advertised on The Haunter's Depot web site include specific shipping costs and will be charged at the time of checkout, shipping and/or freight shipping rates for other types of merchandise may vary depending upon what the customer orders, the weight of the product, and the shipping destination. In this case, we will need to contact the supplier or manufacturer to get a shipping quote prior to the customer placing their order. Large animated props and oversized items (for instance) may require additional shipping crate costs. All shipping and handling charges are for customers residing within the Continental USA only.

Shipping charges are subject to change without notice depending upon the current pricing structure of the carrier assigned to deliver the merchandise.  Customer may need to pay a balance due on shipping should the shipping costs of a particular item (or items) be more than expected.  Should payment be made for a higher than expected shipping charge and the total for shipping ends up being less we will refund the difference.
  Customers residing in Alaska or Hawaii will need to pay an additional amount for shipping and will be notified after the order has been received so that the balance can be paid and your order processed.  Customers may contact us at to get a shipping quote prior to placing their order.


Customers should inspect their merchandise immediately upon receipt and report any damage or other issues promptly.  The carrier responsible for the delivery of merchandise (e.g., UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) is liable for damage or loss in transit.  The customer should file a claim directly with the carrier that handled the movement of the shipment no later than three (3) days of receipt of merchandise.  A second claim must be sent to The Haunter's Depot at no later than three (3) days of receipt of merchandise.

Customer may not return any merchandise without first obtaining a Return Authorization Number (RAN) as well as confirmation of the proper shipping address to return the allegedly defective or damaged merchandise. &nbps;Should merchandise be returned without first obtaining a RAN it will automatically be refused upon attempt of delivery at the customer's expense.  Once the goods have been received (through proper return authorization), the supplier or manufacturer responsible for sending and/or manufacturing the product(s) will inspect the merchandise and make the sole determination as to whether or not to replace or repair any damaged goods.  As stated at the top of this page, due to the nature of the merchandise being sold all sales are considered final.  Replacement of merchandise is subject to even-exchange only.


It is understood by the customer that by placing an order through our service that due to the nature of the merchandise being sold, all sales are considered final.  Refused orders will not be accepted and will be returned to the customer at their expense.  There are no allowances of any kind given for custom "made to order" merchandise such as animated props, etc.


Due to the nature of the merchandise sold, the fact that some individuals use costumes (and other items) once and then try to return them, as well as U.S. Department of Health regulations pertaining to the mail order sale of hats, wigs, masks, clothing, etc., all merchandise is sold on an all sales final basis.  This will also hold true for other items posted on our website including static and/or animated props, makeup supplies, instructional books, videos, DVD's, CD's, special order items, hand made "to order" items, sale merchandise, reduced price items, etc.  Customers are notified that if they place an order through our service they automatically agree to abide by all Terms and Conditions of Sale as specified on this website.


It is truly sad that in this day and age that some customers attempt to rip off businesses for personal gain. By doing this, they are being unfair to other customers, to us, and only contributes to higher prices in the future.  The Haunter's Depot takes any kind of fraudulent activity very seriously and we will take the appropriate action (legal or otherwise) should it be discovered that a customer has committed any type of fraud against us, our suppliers, the manufacturers we deal with, PayPal, banking institutions, credit card companies, and/or delivery services (including UPS, Federal Express, United States Postal Service, etc.)  All e-mail correspondence and other steps in the ordering process from the initial placement of an order through the delivery process are kept on file and all information will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities, individuals, companies, etc., should any type of fraudulent activity be suspected.  All merchandise is shipped out to the customer with either a tracking number or delivery confirmation number and we do, in fact, check each and every shipment to confirm delivery using this information.  Tracking numbers and delivery confirmation numbers do not lie, and is an established way for us to know whether or not a customer received the delivery.  If a delivery was made by the carrier, we will have proof of this.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to SAFEGUARD their e-mail address account and password, PayPal account and password, credit card information and password, etc.  We will not be held responsible if a customer fails to safeguard their personal information and either knowingly (or unknowingly) lets this information fall into the hands of someone who would commit fraud.  Customers are to be aware that all claims of "unauthorized" charges to a PayPal account, a debit card, credit card, etc., will be thoroughly investigated and the appropriate action taken should fraudulent activity be discovered.

EVEN EXCHANGE RETURNS:  Although "all sales are final" the manufacturers that supply the merchandise to our customers have agreed to replace defective or damaged merchandise on an "even exchange" basis only.  All defective or damaged goods must be returned to the originating supplier or manufacturer.  All merchandise that is to be returned must be authorized in advance, and a Return Authorization Number (RAN) number must be provided to the customer before returning any merchandise.  Customers will be advised by way of e-mail of the RAN number.  It is the customer's responsibility to notify both the shipper of the goods (i.e., USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) and The Haunter's Depot at to file a claim no later than three (3) days of receipt of merchandise.  (The date of receipt of merchandise will be verified through the tracking number or delivery confirmation number associated with the package.)   Notification to either the shipper and/or The Haunter's Depot of defective or damaged goods after the three (3) day period will not be accepted.

All returned merchandise must be returned in the same box as it was received including all packing materials.  The original mailing label should be carefully removed and included inside the returned box for the supplier's or manufacturer's reference.  Merchandise will not be accepted or exchanged should the customer return any allegedly defective or damaged merchandise using a different box or packaging or fails to return all items, pieces, parts, etc., that were sent with the original delivery.  Likewise, an even-exchange or any other consideration will not be given should a customer make a false claim and return merchandise that is actually not defective.  Any returned product that is determined not to be defective will be returned at the customer's expense.

Electronic equipment and most electric and/or pneumatically operated animated props come with a Warranty as provided by the manufacturer.  Warranty cards that accompany the equipment must be properly filled out and returned to the originating manufacturer in order to be covered under warrenty.  Warranty Cards are confirmed by the supplier or manufacturer as being included with the merchandise before the original shipment is sent to the customer.  All problems with this type of merchandise must be handled by the originating supplier or manufacturer and not with The Haunter's Depot and a Return Authorization Number (RAN) obtained before the alledgedly damaged or defective equipment can be returned either for repair or even exchange.

Should the customer need to return the allegedly damaged or defective merchandise for "even exchange", we will first need to provide complete information on how and where to make the return.  Packages will be refused (at the customer's expense) if merchandise is returned without first sending us proper notification within the stipulated time period and receiving a reply back from us with the appropriate information including a Return Authorization Number.


We want to ensure that the costume(s) you choose fit as correctly as possible and to make sure your expectations are set appropriately. Please be aware, however, that "seasonal costumes" are not available in all sizes. Each season, manufacturers try to anticpate the demand and produce costumes in the sizes they think will be popular for that season. Once inventories are depleted, they are gone until the next season.

It is very important for all customers to understand that unlike every day clothing, seasonal costumes are typically designed to be worn for one or two events. Unless otherwise specified, the majority of them are not professional or theatrical grade costumes and because of this they are not priced as such. Although the sizing information provided by the manufacturer is generally accurate for the measurements indicated, a "seasonal costume" will rarely fit every person as if it were tailor made for that person. Simply put, this means that even though a costume may fit based on waist or hip measurements, it does not mean the inseam length, sleeve length or overall length will fit all body styles with the same waist measurements. In some cases, alterations may be necessary and in others, you may need to order another size. Considering that seasonal costumes" tend to run small when in doubt we suggest buying a larger size if one is available. It is always easier to take-in, hem or otherwise adjust an item that is too big or too long than one that is too small or too short.

Sizing information on products found on our website are provided to us by the manufacturer and no further information is available on those products. Should you find that you need additional information about a specific item than what you see on our site, we strongly suggest you not purchase that item and instead make another selection.

The below sizing charts are for general use. The actual available sizes will be listed in the description or offered as an option you may add to your shopping cart. If there is a Speical Sizing Chart listed for an item, be sure to use that sizing chart instead of these general sizing charts.

Please Note: If you are tall or full-figured/husky, or if you are unsure about size, we recommend you purchase one size larger than you normally do. Due to our Terms and Conditions of Sale all sales are final. Be sure that you choose the proper size costume as we cannot exchange it for another size if it does not fit. (See above information for further information.)


Standard/One-size: 8-12
X-Small: 4-6
Small: 6-8
Medium: 8-10
Large: 12-14
X-Large: 14-16
Plus: 18-22
2X-Large: 24-26
3X-Large: 28-30


46-inches or 6-feet 200 pounds

Small: 36-38 inches

Medium: 40-42 inches

Large: 42-44 inches

X-Large: 46-48 inches

Plus: 50-52 inches or 6-foot 2-inches 300 pounds

2X-Large: 52-54 inches

3X-Large: 56-58 inches


If you order one item but receive a different item, the supplier that sent your merchandise will replace the wrong item with the correct item on an "even exchange" basis only.  This is also true if (for instance) you ordered a Small size costume but received a Large size costume instead.  The replacement will be with the original item as it was originally ordered.  Please note that this is not the same as if you ordered a small size but it does not fit and you want a larger size.  For instance, if the customer ordered a size Medium costume and upon first trying it out finds that a smaller or larger size should have been ordered, the supplier or manufacturer will not exchange it for a size larger because a size Medium was wanted to begin with.  This is why it is very important that customers order the proper size to begin with, and we will confirm with customers (in advance) if all information sent to us during the ordering process is true and correct before our supplier or manufacturer ships out the order.


We cannot guarantee that a particular size costume will fit you.  Be absolutely certain that if you tell us that you normally wear a certain size dress, shirt, pants, etc., that it is, in fact, the proper size! The supplier or manufacturer that will be sending your merchandise will not exchange the costume with a different size if they did, in fact, send you what you wanted.  A male and female generalized "Sizing Chart" is available on specific pages within various departments (and by way of e-mail upon request), and we will also confirm your proper size by way of e-mail before your order is officially accepted and your merchandise shipped.  Also note that If the costume only comes in one size (for example "one size fits most" or "standard adult size") it cannot be replaced as there is no other size available. "One size fits most" or "standard adult size" is not the same as "one size fits all". If you already have the largest size of a costume and need a larger one we can not replace or exchange it. Likewise, if you already have the smallest size of a costume available and need one that is smaller size we can also not replace or exchange that costume.

A costume may not be exchanged for a different style of costume if the original style does not fit. If it becomes necessary for you to return a costume for "even exchange", any item returned for any reason must be returned in a box with all original materials included (see above). If you return a costume in an envelope (padded or not) both The Haunter's Depot and the originating supplier or manufacturer will not allow the return. And as a reminder, you will need to notify The Haunter's Depot within the stipulated three (3) day time period following receipt of your package to request a Return Authorization Number (RAN) in order to return any and all merchandise.

The Haunter's Depot as well as the suppliers and manufacturers that we deal with do not guarantee that a particular costume, mask or any other item will be suitable for a particular purpose.  Due to the fact that all People are unique in size and shape it cannot be guaranteed that a particular costume or mask will fit a particular person.


Our on-line store reflects our prices effective on the original date of posting. We can make no guarantees against price increases (which may change from time to time) or availability of merchandise. All merchandise is subject to availability. Please be aware that once your payment has been received and our suppliers are contacted with your order, all sales then become final and no refunds or credits will be issued. This especially applies to items that are "made to order" and work has already begun on the merchandise ordered. Refunds can only be given if the customer cancels the order (or a portion of the order) before merchandise is shipped out by the suppliers or manufacturers we deal with that are responsible for shipping orders. If only a portion of the order has been cancelled, the appropriate amount will be refunded to the customer.


If we must resort to using a collection agency, legal council, or any other proceedings (legal or otherwise) to collect monies owed to us, it is hereby understood and agreed that the customer will be responsible for any and all collections, chargebacks, legal fees, all miscellaneous expenses, etc.


Back orders on merchandise will automatically be shipped unless otherwise notified by customer at the time of being notified.


The Haunter's Depot and the vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers that have their merchandise posted on our web site (or through any other means provided by us) assume no liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of any product posted on our on-line store or through any other means provided by us. The submission of any order made to The Haunter's Depot automatically constitutes a legally binding agreement that the customer has read and fully understands the information provided. Should there be any questions about anything on this web site (such as the proper operation of a particular electronic or animated product, etc.), the customer should contact us at before the order is placed.