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Many thanks to the below mentioned individuals and businesses for
providing positive feedback.  It was indeed a pleasure doing business
with them, and we look forward to doing business with YOU as well!

Customer's full last names omitted due to our on-line privacy policy.
All testimonials are used with customer's prior written permission.

"Thank you for your absolutely great service in getting the Flaming Pumpkin prop!"

Christopher S.
Louisville, KY

"I received the Chuck Roast prop.  He is great!!!
Thanks so very much for all of your help."

Julie R.
Tucson, AZ

"Thanks for the update, and the attention.  I'm not
used to either when I order online.  You guys rock!!"

Ryan S.
Killeen, Texas

"I have never had anyone send me an email like the one you have sent.  Most want the
money and then the hell with you!  I talked with both you and another company about the
Scary Mary Mirror and the Possessed Paintings and I must say that YOU will be the one
I go to for whatever else I need.  Thank you for being so attentive as I am new to all this
and have no clue about how some of this stuff works!  I live in a small town that does
not keep up with technology of the rest of the world.  I will be ordering the Scary Mary
Mirror and Possessed Paintings from you soon, so keep your eye out!"

Danny M.
Sumterville, Florida

"I received the Mad Dog prop today.  We love him!  Thanks so much for the
fast service.  He will be a great addition to my annual Halloween party!"

Julie R.
Tucson, Arizona

"I can't thank you enough!  I will be shopping on your website and will recommend
it to other haunters.  You have provided unbelievable service and I so appreciate it."

Arlene H.
Newark, Delaware

"Thank you for getting back to me so soon.  I look forward to receiving your products.
I have been watching your website for a while and have always vowed to purchase
one, if not more, of your props.  I know you guys have substantial updates every
year, so I will definitely be doing business with you in the future.  Thanks again
for all your service and for making this so easy for me."

Jarrod V.
Chula Vista, California

"I received my (Fulci Zombie) mask today and it far exceeded my expectations!
The worms coming out of the mask are great!  That's a big part of this character
from the movie.  Not only is there moss, but there seems to be multiple kinds
of moss.  It's very impressive!  I have seen this mask in stores and I don't
remember it being this cool.  I am one happy Undertaker!  Thanks!"

Victor the Undertaker
Acworth, Georgia

"I just wanted to thank you so much for all the wonderful information
regarding the Flametron FX projector.  Based upon what I was told
in many e-mails I ordered one and it was exactly what we needed for
our show.  The effect was spectacular and the children were thrilled
with it.  You guys have been all around terrific to work with and I will
definitely keep you in mind when we start our season next year!"

Petra L.
Durango, Colorado

"Wow!  I highly appreciate the promptness!!!  You have provided excellent
service and I thank you again for the contact you have been providing over
the past few weeks.  Thanks!!!"

Paul S.
Nederland, Texas

"On several occasions recently, I have ordered products from The Haunter's
Depot. As with any online order and communication, it is essential to have
prompt and accurate service and to receive additional help when needed.
The personnel at The Haunter's Depot have been very helpful assisting
my needs. I would recommend highly this company to anyone seeking
quality products and efficient service."

David A.
Richmond, Virginia

"I find it absolutely absurd there are so many websites out there on
the Internet that call themselves the so-called "#1 Halloween Source".
Just how many #1 Halloween websites can there be?  Let me tell you
something.  I have dealt with just about all of them over the years and
each and every one of them let me down in one way or another.  They
either sent me awful merchandise, offered little to no communication
regarding my order, and their customer service has little to be desired.

I went back to (name of company deleted) in order to obtain one of the
products they offered and found that they were still up to their same old
tricks of offering awful products, no communication, and unacceptable
and arrogant customer service. A bit of warning when shopping for what
may "appear" to be a great deal. Some of them may offer lower prices
than other Halloween websites, but they bite you on the rear end when
it comes to charging for shipping.  I caught one of them padding the
shipping charges to make up for the lower prices they advertise which
as far as I'm concerned is nothing more than illegal bait and switch."

"I have used your on-line store for some time now and each and every
time I deal with you I have been treated well, your communication with
me has been more than just exceptional, and the items that I purchased
were exactly as described.  While there was a problem with one of the
animated props we bought, I was shocked as to how quickly you fixed
the problem by having the actual manufacturer get in touch with us on
the phone to talk us through a few minor adjustment.  Fantastic!"

"There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that your company is heads
and tails above every one of the so-called "#1 Halloween" websites on
the Internet.  A business of any type is only as good as the person or
persons running it.  As for me and my wife, the others just don't even
come close to The Haunter's Depot.  When the Halloween season is
over we are putting up our annual outdoor Christmas display, and we
will be ordering a ton of new Santa related items from your business
including the Rocking Santa and Mrs. Claus, the Santa Greeter, the
three cute little animated Elves and a good number of lighting effects."

"Thank you so very much for making our Halloween season special!
To anyone reading this, just forget about all the rest and go with the
best.  And the best in our minds by far is The Haunter's Depot."

Matthew G.
Cincinnati, Ohio

It's letters like the one shown above that gives us great satisfaction in knowing
that all of our time and efforts have paid off in the haunted attraction industry.
Thank you for your comments and we look forward to serving you again soon!

"Thank you for handling everything for us.  I appreciate the professional
manner that it was done in.  We hope to keep doing business with you."

Adam M.
J.M.M. Studios
Woodbine, New Jersey

"You guys have the BEST Halloween website on the Internet. I am on
your website every day looking at stuff that someday I hope to buy!"

Vincent G.
Phoenix, Arizona

"Thank you so very much for the e-mail.  Your customer service
is second to none!!  I have ordered from another company and
I have been waiting over 3-weeks for a prop with no information.
I sent several e-mails with no response.  Needless to say, they
will not get any of my business in the future!!  Thanks again!!"

Elizabeth M.
Cheektowaga, New York

We received a follow-up e-mail from this customer a few days later.

"I finally received a response from the (name of seller deleted).
Thank you so very much for your excellent customer service and
your attempts to assist with my other order.  After my bad experience
  with the other seller, future purchases will be through your company."

Elizabeth M.
Cheektowaga, New York

"Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all you have done
and so quickly, especially with the season in full bloom!
Thanks again!"

Vicki B.
Philo, Ohio

"Got it!  It's great!  Just what I wanted!"

Peter K.
Reston, Virginia

Peter's comments were in regard to his
purchase of a Mini Air Cannon device.

"The Peter Rottentail (costume) arrived within a few days of ordering and
it is awesome!  Thanks so much for all you did to expedite that order."

Charlotte C.
Waynesville, North Carolina

"Thank you so much for the update (regarding the Grandma animated prop).
The shipping credit is wonderful news!  Thank you for being such an honest
vendor!  I think it is great and very unheard of these days. I am looking forward to
receiving the Grandma animated prop.  It should be a hit at our big Halloween party!
I appreciate it so much and will definitely be doing business with you in the future!"

Kelly L.
Troy, Illinois

"Thanks for going the extra mile.... much appreciated!"

Jeff C.
Chicago, Illinois

"Thanks for the quick reply.  Excellent customer service
is hard to find these days and I appreciate it."

Rick C.

"Thanks for the awesome bat wings!  They were so far above my
expectations.  Quality workmanship!  I will definitely return here
for any costume needs in the future.  Thanks again!"

Jill C.

"The Grandma prop is excellent!  I had it on my front steps the night
of its arrival and already scared the crap out of a group of teenagers.
They swore she was real!  Thank you for this easy transaction.
The Haunters Depot is a very friendly and outstanding company
to deal with.  I will be dealing with you again soon.  Thanks again!"

Robert M.
Woodridge, New Jersey

"I am a mid-range Halloween shopper and a first time shopper to your
website.  I am very pleased with the prompt response/information."

Robert W.
Natick, Massachusetts

"Thanks for your great customer service."

Patrick F.
Memphis, Tennessee

"I just received the Grandma animated prop and.... WE LOVE HER!
She is so awesome!  Very unique and will go great in our haunted attraction!
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it.  Thank you again!"

Vicki B.
Philo, Ohio

"I just received my Grandma animated prop and wanted
to send you a quick note about her.  She is even better
than I had expected!  To start with, her setup was
easier than setting up a toaster.  I just pulled her out
of the box, sat her in a rocker, plugged her in and she
started doing her thing.  So creepy!  The detailing is
just amazing and is as good as and even better than props
that cost hundreds of dollars more.  Thank you for offering
such a quality prop for the budget conscious haunter."

Darren H.
St. Joseph, Missouri

"I received everything today and I could not be more pleased!
Keep up the amazing work!  I will definitely buy from you again!

Peter T.
Riverside, Illinois

"Regarding our previous order of how-to DVD's, we received
the shipments just fine.  We really appreciated your service
and products, so we were confident about making another
purchase from you.  Thank you!"

Darren H. and Clair A.
St. Joseph, Missouri

"Thanks so much!  You guys have been great,
and our company will certainly use you again
should we need anything.  Thanks again!"

Mike G.
Long Island City, New York

"Thank you for being upfront and available.
You are a great resource to have."

Kathy E.
Norton, Kansas

"Thanks for the great communication!
I navigated and saved your website to
my favorites and hope to check back
often to see the new merchandise."

Jeff G.
Kensington, New Hampshire

Cudos on your customer service!  Thanks for the extra effort
in helping us get the mask and also the advice on the actor
who will wear it.  Our haunted house opens on October 10th.
We use alot of high school clubs (football players, etc.),
so I will keep this in mind when I assign the part.
Thanks again!

Marian B.
Clinton, Illinois

"Yes, everything arrived yesterday.  Thanks for the quick
turnaround on my order.  You have another satisfied customer!"

David K.
Annapolis, Maryland

"I am looking forward to adding your items to my family's modest
home style Halloween haunt. Thanks for the terrific communication!"

Cal L.
Saugus, California

"Just to let you know I received the items today in perfect condition.
Thank you very much for a great experience shopping with your
company. It's the great service and prices that will keep me coming
back to you and telling everyone about your company. Thanks!"

Scott S.
Monee, Illinois

"Let me commend you on what's probably the most professional,
well written message I have ever received from a vendor.
Thank you for such a prompt, quality response and
 please keep me on your mailing list."

Eve C.
Halloween Aficionado

"We got the wigs!  They are perfect!  Thank
you so much for the help.  Looking forward
to doing business with you in the future."

Lauren C.
New Jersey

"You have one of the best Halloween costume websites
that I have come across.  Next time I will list you on my
party website as a resource for costumes.  Thank you!"

Keith P.
Greensboro , North Carolina

"I just received my order and everything looks really good!
I appreciate the fast service and the three neat looking pieces.
We will do business again! Thank you!"

William B.
Bellingham, Washington

"Just wanted to let you know that I received UPCHUCK yesterday.
It's awesome!  I host a huge Halloween party every year and am
always looking for different items.  I assure you that I will be
spending some money with you next year.  Your website is the
best Halloween site I have seen and your communication has
been great!  I look forward to doing business with you next year!"

Harlan R.
Duluth, Georgia

"I received my Strung Out prop on Saturday and it looks great!
I want to thank you for following my order and checking with the
manufacturer to ensure delivery.  Needless to say, I will be ordering
from you guys again.  Thanks, and have a great Halloween!"

Kelly T.
Crystal Springs, Mississippi

"Thanks for the great service!"

Brad L.
Vancouver, B.C.

"Thank you so much for your quick attention to my questions.  The Haunter's Depot
is by far the best resource, the most reliable, and the most customer friendly site for
quality Halloween goods.  You have been so very helpful to me with all my Halloween
plans and I greatly appreciate it.  I think business excellence should be acknowledged.
Thanks again for your prompt responses!"

Lorilyn H.
Cary, North Carolina

"I appreciate you keeping me up to date.  Over the past four to five years since we've become
far more agressive in our endeavors, I can count on one hand the number of vendors in this
industry that have proven good/great customer service and far more that have fallen far short
of our expectations for any ordinary expectations in regards to service.

Therefore, I want to commend your company, who I have done business with previously,
who seem to appreciate the start-up persons more so than others and one, two or three
other notable exceptions.  You have shown the importance of good service to our small
but fastly growing attraction.

Your devotion and numerous unsolicated communications have helped to establish a
long time customer in us.  We hope our success and yours continue to grow over the
ensuing years to come.  Thanks!"

James B.
Cedar Park, Texas

"I just wanted to say thank you for processing and shipping my order so quickly.
The contacts are fantastic and I appreciate that they were shipped in a sturdy box.
I will highly recommend you to my friends!"

Valerie S.
Macedonia, Ohio

"Thank you very much for the customer service that you provide.  I will set your website as a
favorite, and for any future costume purchases I wish to make I will check your website first."

John U.
Welllington, Florida

"I just wanted to thank you for the all the e-mail communications and quick responses.
The main reason why I decided to go with The Haunter's Depot for this animated prop
(a Spitting Debby plus a motion sensor) was the helpful and genuinely honest information
you gave me and your cordial manner.  I will definitely be shopping at your website for other
items over the next two months for our Graveyard Haunt.  Thank you again for all your help!"

Kathy W.
Norwalk, Connecticut

"I received the prints a couple of days ago.  They are great!
Thank you!"

Shana D.
Orlando, Florida

"Just wanted to say thanks for everything.  I received my video today
and I am very happy with my purchase.  I will definetly be back for
more items I have seen on your site.  You have quite a selection!"

Manuel R.
Stockton, California

"I had a chance to view your website and I have to say that you
have by far one of the most impressive selections I have seen.
I will be placing one of many orders with you in the near future."

Jason (DSF)
Charlotte, North Carolina

"Thank you so much!  I appreciate such excellent customer service!
I will be sure to keep your company in mind the next time I have to
memorize the disarticulated bones, and will be sure to give your
website name to my Anatomy professor."

Claire R.
Penngrove, California

"You guys ROCK!!  You were very customer service driven
when I bought my smoke machine and now with the costume!"

Michael J.
Springfield, Virginia

"I received the JOLT Electric Chair and am very happy with it.
My jaw dropped the first time I activated it and I am sure it will
be the highlight of this year's Halloween.  Thanks for all your help
and advice!  A local store was selling this for a lot more money."

Edward Z.
Morristown, New Jersey

"You all have been so great with all of my orders and questions.
We are going to try and have the haunted house on October 28th."

Shannon A.
Hueytown, Alabama

"Thanks again for the great customer service!  I will continue
to purchase my Halloween supplies from you folks."

Leonard S.
Encinitas, California

"I have to say without a doubt that this is the best customer service
I have experienced online!  Thank you very much!"

Terry Y.

"Thank you for your willingness to help and provide assistance.
I appreciate it very much."

Rev. Bill R.

"I wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the quality of the
Halloween props, costumes and other effects that we purchased from you,
and equally satisfied with the professional level of customer service you have
offered.  In the past, I have ordered from a few of your competitors, each and
every one of them that make claims that they're the #1 Halloween website
on the internet.  (Of course, it's not possible for all of them to be #1, right?).
In every case, all of them gave me less than satisfactory customer service."

"Here's a little story you should know about.  When I had a major problem
with an order, I called to complain to one of the other companies that what
I had ordered was not what they sent me.  They obviously pretended to
look through their records only to eventually come back on the line and
start yelling at me that they did, in fact, send out the correct merchandise,
to stop bothering them with false claims, and then violently hung up on me!
What a jerk!  I also found out much later (to my further disappointment) that
they had charged me way too much for shipping charges!  Going back to
their website I did a little price comparisons with other websites and found
that they purposely lower their initial prices to make it seem like customers
are getting a deal but then charge outrageous and unjustifiably high shipping
rates to make up for the loss of lowering their prices to entice customers to
buy.  Purposely misleading the public in this manner is very unprofessional,
so we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs,
and the Attorney General's Office in the state where they do business.  A
recent visit to their website showed that they're still doing this type of thing!
It's a wonder that they're still in business and I will never use them again!"

"It's interesting to point out that they (and others) continue to claim that
they are the #1 Halloween website out there when they offer such crappy
customer service.  In my opinion, your service is the only one that went
the extra mile to make sure that what I received was what I needed for
what I had in mind for our event and not just because I saw something
I liked and thought it would be good to have to achieve the effect.  You
even recommended a slightly less expensive fog machine (works great
by the way!) instead of trying to push us into buying one that was more
expensive.  Because of your professional customer service alone, I will
never use any other Halloween service found on the internet.  We are
going to use your service again for the upcoming Halloween season!"

Michael W.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Hello!  I have received my order and am very satisfied!  Thank you for
your continued prompt service and updates.  It is greatly appreciated!
I will be buying from you again very soon.  Thank you!"

Colin M.
Middletown, New York

"I appreciate the diligence in your response -- great customer service!"

Kathleen T.
North Hills, California

"Thank you for being so persistent.  I really appreciate your effort and service."

Destrina J.
East Bethel, Minnesota

"Too bad all companies don't treat customers like you do.  It has been a pleasure
to buy through you and I will keep you in mind to tell others and just in case
I need another unusual item.  Thank you again!"

Susan M.
Edenton, North Carolina

"I like what you have to offer (on your website) and I like the way
you go about conducting your business."

Pete H.
Donegal Twp, Pennsylvania

"The Haunter's Depot has the coolest Halloween website!!!!!  I've got to
re-plan my budget so I can get some of this cool stuff on here!!!!!"

Mac Kelly
Afternoon Drive Smart Aleck
97.3 JOE FM

"I must say that I have been impressed with your diligence regarding my order.  Your
business sense is to be commended.  For the record, I would use your website in
the future, and also recommend it to others."

Chad S.
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU! My order arrived yesterday and it is exactly what
we wanted.  Thanks again for the superior service!"

Lee D.
San Diego, California

"I received the mask (i.e. Gimme Some Skin) today and my daughter loves it!
That was faster than I expected!  She can't wait to be Leatherface for next Halloween!"

Steven C.
Cerritos, California

"It was a smooth transaction, very quick delivery, and good item.  I would buy from
your store again.  Thanks for everything, and I will look you up next Halloween."

Angelaque C.
Eastampton, New Jersey

"I received the Isabella changing portrait and does she look great! Like you said,
I really should have bought the bigger one but I'm putting her in the graveyard
(like a loved one picture).  The Dorian portrait is also a real hit.  Everyone that has
seen him has gone nuts!  Our party is on Saturday and I have been busy.  The cloak,
by the way, was incredible -- real quality.  Thanks again for all your help.  Not a lot
of vendors would give suggestions and help me out the way you did.  I will be a
customer for life and make sure everyone knows the way you treat customers."

Keith O.
Zephyrhills, Florida

"The wings arrived yesterday evening and these are exactly what I had hoped for.  I should
have ordered this style right off the bat.  Thanks again for your work with this order!"

Bill M.
Edison, New Jersey

"I recieved my order and am very pleased.  Thank you!"

Henry R.
Seminole, Florida

"Just letting you know that we received the Changing Portraits in excellent condition
and they are awesome!   You will more than likely see more orders from me in the
future.  Thank you very much and have a great Halloween!"

Trent H.
Wittenberg, Wisconsin

"I received the Taffy the Clown puppet and it's AWESOME!  I have people standing
outside my clown scene arguing over who goes in first!  Sorry to say that we had
one of our employees go through as a customer on Sunday and she actually
passed out from fear in that portion of our attraction.  I guess it works!"

Destry B.
Jefferson, Texas

"Thank you very much again.  I'm sure that I will be doing more business with
you in the future.  You have been great!"

Patrick L.
Massapequa Park, New York

"I think you have done a great job on what you have supplied to us.  And I also want to
thank you for taking the time to talk to me about what I was ordering.  I can't wait until
I see the gang from the Haunted House this weekend!  I am looking forward to what
they think about everything.   I will be sure to take some pictures and e-mail them
to you so you can see what we were doing."

Kay Davis
Boulder Woods Campground
Green Lane, Pennsylvania

"I appreciate everything you have done for us.  You guys are the best!"

Mark H.
Burlison, Tennessee

"I received the Changing Portraits this past Friday and I framed them on Saturday.
They look great! I used a wide antique looking frame and they cost me a pretty penny
($119.00 each) but they really look good.  While shopping for frames I took the pictures
with me and everyone that saw them was amazed and wanted to know where I got
them at.  Thanks for a great product for our haunted house!"

Connie E.
McDonald, Tennessee

"You don't know how thankful I am that I have found someone so helpful in this field.
A lot of the other on-line stores haven't even responded back to me!  And thanks for all
your help on getting the prosthetic mask appliance to me so quickly!  I really appreciate it!
I received the appliance on Saturday and was able to bring it to class today.  My teacher
loves it! In fact, he said that he's going to recommend your website to his students."

Tiffany V.
Des Moines, Washington

Tiffany was kind enough to send along the above photograph of herself in her
Troll prosthetic and costume.  And yes, that's her under all that makeup!

"I want to thank you for your complete professionalism and concern regarding our first-ever
haunted hayride.  Another supplier would not take things as seriously as you do and I really
appreciate it!  I see big potential for our upcoming event in the weeks to come.
Thanks again for your assistance!"

Carl S.
Diamond, Ohio

"I am so glad that I found your website!  We've had dealings with other on-line businesses that sell Halloween props and have encountered many problems with our orders.  For instance, we went through (name of company deleted) that advertises over 1,000 items and ordered what appeared to be a quality hairy tarantula of decent size.  (My gosh!  I see that you have over 5,000 items in all!)  What we got for our money was pure garbage!  It was smaller than advertised, the fur (if that's what you call it) was stringy and matted, and when we tried to get our money back from the company their attitude was "you got what you paid for and as advertised".  Heck, not even close!  They didn't even offer us as much as a hint of an apology!  So when we contacted your company for Halloween merchandise we couldn't believe what you told us about some of the items we wanted.  It was like watching the Miracle on 34th Street movie - you actually put customer service and customer satisfaction over profit!  You recommended a few things that were a bit less expensive than the items that we originally wanted and we ended up being extremely pleased with our purchase and our experience with your company.  Although you couldn't obtain availability information on the Gibbet cage for us, it wasn't your fault that (name of company deleted) has a habbit of not returning e-mails or phone calls.  (We tried to deal with them ourselves a while back and got the same unacceptable results.)  Anyway, thanks for all your help in getting us exactly what we wanted and exactly what we needed.
We recommend that everyone stops by your The Haunter's Depot website for all their Halloween needs.
We will definitely be back next season for more great stuff!"

Allen Y.
Springfield, Virginia

"Many thanks for shipping out the Changing Portraits that I had ordered from your company.  I absolutely loved them! I attended a local gathering of haunters recently and although I didn't win one as a door prize, I just had to get my own after the event was over.  I saw several different sizes and variations at the gathering, and noticed that one of them was not found on your website.  However, I did manage to locate it on another seller's website.  But although it did look good (before and after stills and a video image file are found on their website), to be honest with you I was very displeased with the transformation process that you see between the before and after stages, that is, when viewing the actual product in person.  The fire effect that moved across the portrait didn't look anywhere near as good in person as it was advertised on the other seller's website.  The other ones that were displayed at the gathering (which I noticed are found on your website) were noticably better quality and the changing effects are superior to anyone else's on the market - and I have seen them all.  We will be adding a rather large Portrait Gallery in our new haunted attraction this coming Halloween season and since you offer some of the best changing portraits available, I want all of the ones we order to come from The Haunter's Depot and and whoever supplies them to you as they produce some terrific merchandise - absolutely first rate work!  Cheers!"

Anthony S.
Los Angeles, California

"You guys have absolutely the BEST website I've encountered when it comes to obtaining Halloween merchandise, bar none!  Over the years, I've tried to order merchandise from other on-line businesses that sell the exact same type of items but you've got overall the lowest prices I've seen (or at least very reasonable), and your customer service (which is very important to me) is absolutely first rate!  I will be sending you a HUGE order for the upcoming season as I'm starting up an all-new haunted hayride and I want The Haunter's Depot to provide each and every costume, mask, and prop found at my event!  
I highly recommend your business to EVERYONE out there that reads my testimonial.  You should get yourself ready, as my order will be coming at you in the very near future.  Thanks again!"

Paul and Gloria M.
Port Tobacco, Maryland

"Not only did you meet my needs and get me a good price, but you are most likely going
to meet my tight schedule as well!  I will highly recommend you to my friends, and I have
bookmarked your site for my future Halloween needs!  Thanks again for your hard work,
great facilitation with the manufacturer, and top-notch customer service!"

Hans W.
Broad Channel, New York

"My wife and I are very impressed with the brand new website that you have designed
for our show.  And the price you charged us was very reasonable, to say the least!  I am
certain that it will be very beneficial in attracting new customers to our 21st annual
"SCREAM ACRES" Haunted Hayride!"

Robert S., Sr.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"I am very pleased with the products and services that you have provided for our 20th annual haunted hayride.  The huge 13-foot tall IMPALER Super Creature with digital sound, and the 10-foot Leaper skeleton that we ordered from you are both working great and are ready to scare the pants off of our guests for the upcoming season!"

Robert S., Sr.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"Thank you so much for your assistance, dedication and genuine concern in helping us turn our annual corn maze into a spooky corn maze!  We've been fairly successful with running a plain old 'themed' corn maze over the years, but adding all those scenes you recommended and the random scares throughout the maze was something that (we're sure) will bring back customers for many years to come!  We're looking forward to doing business with you again next year when we will be adding new scenes in the maze, and we'll also be ordering a ton of stuff from you for our first-ever haunted hayride this year.  Thanks again for everything!"

Paul Ritter
Ritter's Farm Market

"Thank you so much for Scary Carrie (prop). That was the fastest delivery I have ever had!
I look forward to doing business with you again.  Once again, thanks!!!!!!"

Daniel P.
Perry, Ohio

"Received the Scary Carrie in perfect condition.  My husband loves it.  Thanks!"

Janet T.
St. Louis, Missouri

"Thanks for your reply.  You guys are great!  I found those guys - finally!!"

Larry W.

Larry was searching for some time for a particular CD sound effect recording.  Although we did
not carry the CD he was looking for, we were able to steer him in the right direction so that he
was finally able to get what he wanted.  We were glad to be of service, Larry!